Last month, Brooklyn-based psych rock collective Ritual Talk – comprised of Alex DeSimine (Vocals, Guitar), Alex Tremitiere (Vocals, Bass), Tom Criblez (Vocals, Drums, Percussion), Dylan Gleit (Vocals, Guitar, Percussion), and TJ Alcala (Vocals, Keys) – released their simply beautiful debut five-track EP titled Rippled Glass. “Sense” takes advantage of its first slot on the EP, slowly layering in instrumentals after introducing smooth, harmonized vocals that implore you to “put away your phone and look me in the eye,” which provides a good jumping off point. (Because, why don’t you put away your phone to enjoy this release a bit? Unless you’re streaming it from your phone. Then keep your phone out.) It continues to crawl along, really displaying the vocal range the quintet is capable of. And while “Help, I’ve Been Dreaming” is an upbeat, almost glittering, it maintains verses that feel very 70s, with accompaniment that feels like 2000s pop rock.

“All in Blue” feels, once again, slightly more contemporary, but in a very easy-listening way. Add in the reverb-filled vocals, and you’re falling “deeper,” as the meaning of the EP’s title comes into full view, even as it “spills out of view.” “Follow You” almost makes no sense lyrically, and then you realize that the sentiment of the song is that of young love. If love is approached properly, neither of the responsible parties will end up following the other at all. Instead, it is important to meet your love interest where they are, and work together from where you are toward a life in tandem. It’s not easy, but the perspective with which this song has been written is beautiful and optimistic. “Dancing Still” rounds out the release, a more lyrically-involved track than its predecessors, layering in more of a pop sound as well. Simultaneously painting a picture of love – perhaps a twin flame type of take on things – and of the thrill of a love interest who enjoys dancing like no one is watching, the track has more than one place in your music library for its sound.

In fact, so does all of Rippled Glass. So get on it.

Rippled Glass is available now.

Meredith Schneider