R&B artist Rileyy Lanez continues to showcase her ‘heart on her sleeve’ music style with new single “Foul Play”. This track, along with previous release songs “I’m Leaving” and “Left 4 Me” will be featured on her forthcoming 5-track EP Beautiful Mistakes, out on May 1.

“Foul Play” looks at a relationship that is turning sour or is just about to, but focusing on the moments the two vibed with each other. With a contagiously catchy chorus and energized tempo, this song is memorable in more ways than one. This is a song you’d want to dance to, drive around to, or simply chill while it is on in the background.

Lanez’s vocals help represent the past, present, and future of the situation presented in “Foul Play”. This aspect of her voice helps to make her songs relatable. Her voice can be haunting, a punch in the gut, or honest.

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