Matt Woods’ new release “Rearview” is pumped full of retro vibes that is sure to get those hips swinging and toes tapping all over the globe. This new artist has spent countless hours preparing his new single that pays tribute to smooth dreamy pop. Not only has time been spent working on the vocal side of this new release, but the team has also put together their first official video that matches the tone and feel of the song without a single hiccup. It features arcade game inspired graphics that is not only appealing to the eye, but also has significant personal value to Woods himself. Growing up, Wood spent hours in arcades owned by his father and while writing “Rearview,” the sounds reminded him of his childhood and he decided to pay homage to this memory by making it the theme of his very first video.

This song is also the first to be lifted from Woods’ forthcoming EP, the tentatively titled “Fauxstalgia.” Wood wrote this song in order to come to terms with his firsthand experience with not being able to be with a person that he loves. The message, however, is that is acceptable to not completely move on, but to still hold a piece of those feelings forever. This exciting new release will have the fans and critics around the world raving. Matt Woods plans to hit all of the major cities in Europe within the coming weeks to spread his talent abroad.

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Madison Blom