Rapper Kahiem Rivera just release his latest “This Night Last Year” (ft. Snake Eye).  I’m a big fan of rap, but I’m even a bigger fan of amazing rap that the whole world has yet to discover.  Kahiem Rivera hits everything perfectly on “This Night Last Year.”  Snake Eyes takes the lead at the beginning of the song with hypnotic vocals.  Kahiem Rivera quickly joins in as his voice will grab you and draw you in.  He pronounces every word perfectly and his way of rapping is meticulous because he wants you to listen to what he’s actually saying.  On “This Night Last Year,”  Rivera tells a tale of staying out late- the conflict between exciting and “I need to stop going out…what am I living for?” feeling.

Admits Rivera:

I fell into a long depression last winter, during a leg injury from getting hit by a car. Once I was semi-healthy again, I started going out a lot to this one bar to get out of that rut. Just being there almost every night, till 4am, binge drinking with a lot of people who didn’t seem to have a care in the world. It almost felt like the club in San Junipero, from Black Mirror. So the song is balancing the feeling of having genuine fun but also an existential “wtf am I doing?

If you have seen that episode of Black Mirror, then you will recognize the direct correlation to the songs reference.

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