Brooklyn-based indie quartet RANN just released the second track from their upcoming EP, Renegade HolidayRANN’s sound has been described as indie rock, dream pop, and psych punk which all seem fitting as their latest release, “Renegade Holiday,” has a variety of musical elements creating the perfect eclectic mix.
“Renegade Holiday,” the album’s title track, starts with a heavy drum rhythm that eases into an electronic synth instrumental. When the vocals appear, the song takes a dreamy, ethereal direction that is both calming and exciting at the same time. The song’s pounding rhythm and uplifting instrumental propel the song forward as the airy vocals create the perfect indie atmosphere. RANN’s “Renegade Holiday” cohesively blends instrumental and vocals to create an impeccably constructed track that makes the perfect edition to any playlist.

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Katie Pugh

Katie Pugh

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