Rock group Rad Horror is on the brink of success with the recent release of their four track EP Anti-Teenage Sensation Part 1. The collection of quirkily beautiful pop/rock tracks takes you back to that casual, laid back, feeling that we all crave from the 90s. The first track is called “Dark Times”, and is a song that takes you on a journey addressing people who act fake while making you feel like an outcast. Endearing as all hell, it paves the way perfectly for second track “Teenage Love”, which looks at the thin line between love and lust.

The album comes around full circle, touching on a variety of topics with “Stay Out” – which talks about all-too-relatable mind games – and “Only When You’re Lonely”, which seems to bring each topic element of the album together. Anti-Teenage Sensation Part 1 is a future classic at its finest, preparing us all for the ups and downs of summertime love.

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**co-written by Meredith Schneider

Jai'Tyria Hatton