Australian native and Nashville based Quinn Lewis just released his latest “Weekend Luv.”  The indie-pop artist is following up on his recent releases “Slipping” and “In Between.”  “Weekend Luv” is one man’s search for seven day of the week kind of love.  “Five days is more than a foreplay,” Quinn comes in with his clever lyrics.  “Weekend Luv” discusses the struggles of dating in an adult world.  “I’ve been working too much lately- you’ve been waiting for the weekend…to see me, hold me, love me right,”  Quinn says on his busy schedule but his desire to have a seven day romance stating “Don’t give me that weekend luv.”  Along with Quinn Lewis’ clever lyrics, he incorporates several sounds that back his voice perfectly, and even throws in an electronic vibe with bass drops during the chorus.  “Weekend Luv” is infectious and an instant summer jam.

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Abby Trapp