Breaking out of the societal norms with their stunning new track, “Noisy Heaven,” is Philadelphia based budding punk project, Quiet Slang. At the head of this revolution in the punk industry is James Alex, a known and noted musical genius with the skill and talent that so many people crave and seek. With natural talent in his back pocket, Alex has put together a new single that has depth and meaning that may not be apparent at first listen. Beneath the stark minimalism of their track lies emotion that both denotes the opposition to distortion and perfectly embodies Quest Slang’s raison d’etre.

Along with their amazing ability to weave talent and music into one harmonious track, it has been said that Alex has been called both radical and mysterious. Speaking of this very subject NYLON stated, “Working under the moniker of Quiet Slang, Alex brought the magic of Beach Slang’s Tiny Desk concert for NPR to Austin, through stripped-back performances and an ease foreign to fans of Beach Slang. It’s a radical thing to do, but artists work in mysterious, unexpected ways.” As fans gather to listen to this new release, they will not only have all of their expectations exceeded, but find that they are experiencing something far beyond “just another song.”

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Madison Blom