Pop-punk quartet Punchline just released a video for their latest single “Friend From The Future.” The single is off of their eighth and latest album Lion. As you may have guessed, the video is as quirky as the singles title. Starting off the video opens to a slide captioned “When you’re 87 years old, you won’t be able to watch this for the first time.” Yes my mind had to re-read that. It then follows, “In case you’re 87 now, in which case, that’s rad you’re watching our video!” I finally started to grasp the video’s “into the future” theme. Aside from the creative intro, the video keeps you interested with bright flashing lights, slideshow inspired here and their captions, colorful outfits and highlights on each band member. The songwriting is equally amazing with one liners like “The clock starts ticking but never stops,” and “God I wonder why the past tense comes last.” My favorite lyric is “It’s not your age that’s bringing down.” A line that could not be more true, is one of many on “Friend From The Future,” an anthem for the “here and now.”

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