Alternative rock/pop punk collective Valencia isn’t the only musical project Shane Henderson is lending his talents to these days. (That’s right. For those of you residing under a rock, Valencia is BACK!) In fact, his solo alternative/acoustic project Promise of Redemption found its start back in 2004 and happens to have just followed up 2016’s “Where You Ought To Be” with a new EP titled Before & After. The 6 track collection takes you on a mellow, beautiful journey that actually began a decade ago, as the songs were all written during and immediately following When The Flowers Bloom… was released in 2007. Explains Henderson of Before & After:

‘Before and After (Demos and B-Sides)’ came together as a celebration of the 10 year anniversary of WTFB. We took some B-sides from ‘When The Flowers Bloom…’ as well as some newer reworked demos from over the years. The six songs on ‘Before and After’ are ones that I think any fan of the album WTFB will love and even fans who have never heard of POR will love. They are six songs that were songs written for a purpose just like the album we are celebrating. I am excited to share these songs with the world in celebration of an album that really let me explore my love of playing music and creativity.

We’re absolutely captivated from beginning to end, especially since we realize we’re basking in the glow of Henderson, who many of us grew up with in our music sphere. And we’re thrilled that he continues to make such heartbreaking and intense music, songs we can relate to as we travel along with him on his musical journey. This one, though? This release is for the books, as it holds both a piece of nostalgia as well as this excited feeling of newness to it all. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ambiance that will fall upon you while listening to Before & After.

Promise of Redemption will be playing two holiday shows, December 29th and 30th, in Philadelphia, PA in which they will play When The Flowers Bloom… in full to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the album. Upcoming shows and tickets are available here.

Before & After (Demos and B-Sides) is available via Know Hope Records.

Meredith Schneider