Reaching new heights since the release of their second album is Melbourne-based band Pretty City who have not only taken over the Britpop grunge scene in Australia, but have also been gaining radio traction here in the US. Most recently, this group has been busy writing, performing and producing their new album Cancel the Future which was released this month. Despite their busy schedule, the band members of Pretty City took the time to sit down with us and talk about some exciting news, here’s what they had to say.

When you started working together, what were your goals and plans for the future? How have they changed since then?

When we started, we had all been in other bands that weren’t playing as many shows as we’d have liked. We were all kind of frustrated, so we just played as many shows as possible. We said yes to absolutely everything and started touring straight away. I guess it was a very explosive but scattergun approach. Over the years we’ve refined this to try and build a more of a global fan base and not limit ourselves to Australian shores.

Was there ever a time where you felt that you had achieved what you set out to do? Or are you still chasing that dream?

No. Never. We’re always chasing better song writing and better albums. I don’t think we’ll ever stop trying to create that piece of art that we think is perfect, which is the trap because there’s no such thing. I think the four of us are just those kinds of people.

Are there any bands or artists that you like to model your sound or style after?

I don’t think there’s anyone in particular that we’ve tried to model our sound and style after but we certainly have strong influences. The four of us have really diverse tastes and influences, but the band has always been great at allowing those influences to shine through and take Hugh’s songs in interesting directions. I think we draw we draw a lot from other band’s attitudes and approaches to song writing. We all love the Beatles and the Stones and the art of simplicity, but we also love bands like the Killers, Jet, and the Brian Jonestown Massacre for how they were able to reinterpret older ideas and make them their own. From the grunge era there are so many bands but I’ve been prettyinfluenced by Green River, Soundgarden, L7, Hole and the Smashing Pumpkins. From an attitude perspective we love Black Sabbath and the Doors and T. Rex. It’s just sexy stuff.

What does your writing process look like? Is it a team or individual effort?

Hugh, our lead singer and guitarist, writes the songs for the most part. Or he at least has melodies and some lyrics and then we work on structures and parts together. It’s really very collaborative and each of us is totally free to make our own parts and contribute to the song writing. Hugh’s got an incredible ear for melody and for capturing and distilling complex emotions into catchy sing along lyrics, which is such a hard thing to do. We’re very lucky to have him, and the group dynamic is really productive and supportive.

As you prepare for your 27-day long European tour, what are your expectations? What are you most excited for?

I’m expecting a lot of time on the autobahn. I’m expecting to eat more cheese and pork products than I would usually consume in a year. I’m really excited to go back and experience the amazing European hospitality. We had such a great time last year and we can’t wait to get back and reconnect with all the friends we made.

Now that you are looking to take your music and sound to an international level, what are your expectations as far as reactions from fans and crowds?

I guess we’re excited to share our new music with people. That’s the unchanging thing for all of us that is the same whether we’re in Melbourne, Austin or Hamburg, we are excited to play music and share our experiences with everyone. I hope more people will come share that with us, but at the same time, we love playing music so much, so we’re happy either way. I think the crowds will grow in Europe significantly though.

What can fans expect in the year 2018?

Well, we’ve already recorded our third album, so you can expect to hear an early single from that later in the year. Other than that, I think we’ll be doing some more touring back home and enjoying our home town for a bit 🙂


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Madison Blom