Brooklyn based indie duo Pollens, just dropped their latest track “$$$_PSA.”  The duo consists of Jeff Aaron Bryant and Elizabeth “Emay” May.  Right off the bat, the name of the track of grabs your attention.  Listening to the track invited me in even more.  The track starts off with the sassy chanting of the duo “Affluent men in their 30’s they’re all asking, ‘Is it better to get the credit for all of the things I know?”  The title of the track immediately makes sense almost as “Affluence, PSA!”  The track is adorably snarky with talks of affluence, sophistication, and intelligence.  Combined with the pop-indie beat, the duo really feed off each other. The ingenious lyrics really shine through on “$$$_PSA.”

Pollens lyrics are purely intentional as they want their music to be “simple and immediate.”  Jeff of Pollens says on the creativity “with a tiny band, we’re totally free to explore sparse, dumb, over committed ideas without a lot of risk or investment.”

Keep up with Pollens here.

Abby Trapp