“Threw You” is quite the unique track with a team effort featuring three acts from Bronze Whale’s record label Magic Magic.  “Threw You,” produced by Poles, is joined by Jet Horns and Soft Jaw.  The track is unlike another with a Kyogo-kissed feel, focused vocals, with notes of the piano and a variety of electronic sounds.  While “Threw You” starts off slow, Poles surprised me throwing down beats when unexpected, especially while the vocals were so calming.  “Threw You” shows the versatility in all three artist’s and their ability to create an experimental piece of art.  The way I can most accurately describe “Threw You” is ‘EDM infused Indie hit.’  The song is tantalizing and I could not stop listening once I heard it.  You’ll replay it over and over again, I guarantee it.

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Abby Trapp