New tune from Pizzagirl not only rocks and rolls as much as it brings the house down, but it also come with a guarantee from Liam Brown himself. Speaking of his latest single “Coffee Shop,” Liam promises that “each listen of ‘Coffee Shop’ is blended expertly in the bedroom of Pizzagirl to ensure maximum taste for your ears. One spoonful of nostalgia with a dash of 1998 ensures a listening experience like no other.” With this pledge to his listeners, Brown hopes to move into the limelight of the dance floor with his quirky, introspective electronica. As he is neither a girl or an over enthused connoisseur of pizza, even his moniker matches his wonderfully fresh and innovative style of music.

As a performer, Pizzagirl stands solo on his stage accompanied  solely by his trusty laptop representing the idiosyncrasies of the introvert and over exuberant extrovert with zany beasts, rhythms and electric sense of style. This new release, however, is not the only news from this new performer. Brown has also released new tour dates that will bring him all over the United Kingdom. Also, Brown has announced that he with be releasing his all new EP this coming April titled Extended Play. With all this news coming from Pizzagirl, it is sure to rally the fans in Brown’s favor in the future.

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Madison Blom