Piramid Scheme has just dropped a new single, “No More, Anymore”, off their upcoming debut EP Get Rich Quick Too. The East-coast band is headed by Lisa Said and Darrien Day and joined by drummer Andrew Toy and bassist Howard Rabach for live shows. Following her solo career of a few years, Said met Day and they soon began collaborating after he played bass and guitar for one of her shows.

Now, they’ve put out “No More, Anymore”, created in response to the Charlottesville hate rally last August. Taking on a garage rock sound, “No More, Anymore” is classic yet completely modern, and speaks to the current social climate. In a world where musicians can be the voice for any number of causes, Piramid Scheme has found their own way to speak up.

Look out for Get Rich Quick Too, out soon via Tall Short Records.
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Veronica DeFeo