Phenix‘s latest single “Dinosaur” has been marked as an anthem for all generations. Not only does this single have a message, but it is also one of this artist’s most relevant singles to date. Within the threads that compose this exciting new track listeners can expect to find infectious rhythms, beats and hooks that are both complimented and enhanced by creative lyricism. Phenix penned the words and music to this track while facing some of the most difficult experiences that she has yet to experience. Left by the world, vulnerable and full of self-doubt, this budding artist found hope and inner strength. More importantly, however, Phenix found a voice.

With the release of this new single, Phenix has also announce that over the next year, she will be touring Canada and the United States visiting schools in order to share this empowering message with the rising generation. Hoping to express the importance of breaking boundaries and letting go of labels, this pop artist will spread her music throughout North America. Now that nothing is holding her back, there is no telling just how far this new artist will go to share her uplifting message of hope, love and acceptance.

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Madison Blom