“Hit and Run” is the latest single from Parker Matthews who also just released a video for the track.  Before I watched the pop newcomer’s video, I had to just listen to the song itself. “Hit and Run” is a bubblegum pop infused track with, of course, the perfect voice (Parker Matthews) to complete the song.

“Start it one-by-one, cuz’ this ain’t no hit and run,” Parker sings, proclaiming a love song for a special someone.  With Parker’s high voice, catchy tune, and upbeat chorus, I soon found myself swaying by the end of the song.  The second time I listened to the song I viewed the video for “Hit and Run.”  Set in city night life and donned in an all black outfit (shades included), we see Parker walking up to an apartment for a house party.  With a crowd dancing and Parker singing, he shows off his fierce dance moves and has no problems “feeling himself,” which adds to that “pop-party” vibe that the song encompasses.

Pop Dust, who premiered the video described “Hit and Run” as “decorated with sticky drum loops and fluorescent synth makeup, embodies classic dance music but dispatches a crucial, heart-pounding message.”  Pop music, in its essence, is something you can dance to—but also be in your feelings about and “Hit and Run” definitely hits the nail on the head.

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Abby Trapp

Abby Trapp

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