Nashville-based Pale Houses has just released their new EP, Songs of the Isolation. Collaborating with producer Brandon Owens (Mutemath), the four-piece follows up their 2013 self-titled debut with this EP. Pale Houses is made up of drummer Ryan Rayborn, vocalist/guitarist Aaron Robinson, bassist/guitarist Aaron Yung, and Joshua Hood on lap steel/guitar. This long awaited second release encapsulates the beautifully different sound that Pale Houses so wonderfully owns. While the title of this EP references isolation, it is anything but uninviting. Pale Houses touches on familiar emotions and experiences in a deeper and different way through their lyricism and instrumentation. 

Songs of the Isolation:

1. “The Ocean Bed” starts off the EP with a metaphoric track, featuring some hitting lyrics and carefully crafted guitar playing. Leading into the chorus is a beautiful moment of rising percussion that is truly the clincher for this track.
2. “Tenderfoot” carries a sound of persistence along with earnest vocals and an energetic beat. This song simply has to be amazing live.
3, Who Will I Be For You?”, a unique track, layers soft synth in its beginning, questioning the roles we play in each others’ lives.
4. “Ring Around the Moon” brings the listener into a nostalgic, gentler soundscape highlighted by smooth vocals and a yearning, soulful sound.
5. “Hideaway” is a moving track with a strong beat and emotional lyrics, featuring a beautiful medley of guitar playing.
6. “Olivia and Courage” is a slightly abstract piece that hovers on the edge of breaking, while maintaining a quiet strength that keeps the listener in its hold through the entirety of the track.

Moving along a variety of instrumentally breathtaking tracks, Pale Houses manages to be both flexible and focused with their sound. Songs of the Isolation is simultaneously different and perfect. This EP is not one to miss, so check it out today.

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Veronica DeFeo