Discovering that he has a unique way of allowing his audience to escape through his music, up and coming musician Pale Green Things – the moniker for Jack Traynor – has released a new single entitled, “The islands” that was crafted to do just that. As fans and spectators around the globe have commented, Pale Green Things allows them to leave behind the stress and anxiety of this world and experience the dreamy lushness of beautiful sound. “The Islands” was inspired by São Miguel Island in the Azores region of Portugal. The soothing melody is layered with gorgeous soundscapes that speak of both relief and safety. However, like all inspired pieces, this track is full of movement and, as the song continues, fans can feel the reality creeping in on the corners of their existence as they are pulled back into their true circumstance through skilled, flickering guitar acoustics.

As this indie-folk artist tours around his home in the United Kingdom, he has his eyes set on the future and what he can accomplish with his unique skills and abilities. With more experience and stage time over the past year, he has gained an international fan base that is continuing to grow, as he progresses and brings his music to a more advanced level. Without a doubt, as more time passes, Pale Green Things will continue to surprise and impress–effectively etching his name in the music community.

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Madison Blom