Emerging from London, 21 year old R&B singer-songwriter Olivia Nelson is here to drop a brand new single, “Smother Me”. Her vocal talent is remarkable, and “Smother Me” pays tribute to that in the best ways. Filled with soulful lyrics and vocals, “Smother Me” showcasing love in the way only Nelson could. Honest and unrestrained, “Smother Me” is not only a treat lyrically, but will make you fall in love with Nelson’s passionate vocals.

Says Nelson of the track: “[It’s about] experiencing infatuation and falling in love for the first time. Feeling like the wind could carry you away with one sweep, like nothing else matters. Like you’re weightless and everything in the world is suddenly brighter. I wrote this from an honest place and I wanted the music to reflect the powerfulness of that feeling. Even though the feeling of love is light, it is also heavy at the same time because your words and actions carry so much weight.”

So what are you waiting for? Go turn on “Smother Me”; you’re gonna want this one on repeat.



Veronica DeFeo

Veronica DeFeo

Writer at Imperfect Fifth
Veronica is a sophomore English-Literature major and Psychology minor at Avila University, a tutor at the campus Writing Center, and a writing intern at Imperfect Fifth. She is an advocate for the indubitable power of sharing music and words with others. When she’s not listening to music or attending concerts, she’s likely sending songs and videos to her friends or writing about these experiences. You can find her exploring her native KCMO, sipping some local coffee, or penning free verse.
Veronica DeFeo