Oh Geronimo just released “Mountains”, a new single from their upcoming album titled The SledFrom the moment the song begins, strings from the guitar begin to consume you. As the beat picks up, drums are added in and the sound of the lead vocalist’s voice takes over the track.

“Mountains” is a song about pursuing your dreams and what you are passionate about. The song shows that although everyone longs to be successful, you must climb over obstacles that may get in your way to achieve your dreams. The theme of “Mountains” is to never give up despite what may get in your way. 

Along with the single, Modern Me also released the video for “Mountains”. It is not only colorful but also very vibrant. As the song plays in the background, lyrics from the song play across the screen while colorful video clips are being shown. Not only is the song awesome, but the video for the song is amazing too!

The Sled is scheduled to be released February 9th, 2018. Keep up with the band here.

Jai'Tyria Hatton