Cutting their teeth in Chula Vista, California is doom metal band Of Ennui. Band members Christian Cate (guitar), Brian Strauss (vocals and guitar), Angus Garcia (bass and back vox), and Indigo Machado (drummer) have formed together to create music that fans and followers like have come to love. Their artistry truly lies in their ability to emote an amazing amount of feeling in what some have called, “poignant narrative lyricism.” Their latest EP, Tone Poems, is no different from all of the other music that they have put out since forming together in 2015. Not only does Tone Poems embody everything that their fans love about this group, but it also features new, insightful imaginative artistry that projects feelings experienced by the band members themselves. Not only does the music express difficult topics, but also addresses intense issues that make their work relateable to many of their fans.

Tone Poems was recorded in San Diego and mixed by award winning Jerik Centeno. This release has a tone that separates itself from their prior work, but still acts as nice addition to their collection of music that they have produced this far. Those who follow them are excited about this new release and, as always, are avidly awaiting the release of more work in the future as well as attending their live performances.

Tone Poems is out February 23rd. Keep up with the band here.

Madison Blom