Formed in 2012, Asa Eisenhardt and post-punk outfit Nostalgist has announced the release of their next full length album Disaffection by the end of March. Not only are they releasing digital copies of their album, but they have also produced vinyl records that can be purchased as well. The six-track album offers the very best of Nostalgist with all of the same undertones, nuances and flares that have rocked their fans since the beginning of the band. Disaffection is meant the follow bands prior albums, Of Days Long Ago (2015) and 2013’s EP Monochromatic. Since the release of their last album three years ago, the band has been working tirelessly to produce more music that not only captures their unique sound in an album, but also to make music that their fans around the country could enjoy.

Nostalgist’s music is comprised of heavy, ethereal post-punk rhythms and sounds that are completely their own. This has not changed with the release of their new album. Before the release of the full collection, Nostalgist has release “Present:Tense,” which is the first single of the forthcoming album. Within the music there is increasing tension and pressure that seems to rise with each second that elapses. With the release of their successful single, we have all the expectations and hopes that the music community will react similarly to the release of the full album.

Disaffection is out Friday, March 30th. Keep up with the band here.

Madison Blom