No Liars has released the new video for their single “Guilt Trip” off of their debut album The Cause and The Cure and is about regret and being isolated. The song talks about allowing things to get between you and your loved ones. It addresses the trials and complications that get in the way of your relationships, and the realization that it is too late to change what happened. The theme of the song is: What could I have done differently?

Depicted is a young man that gets into an argument with his dad and leaves the house, leading to a party. The argument is the last time he gets to speak to his father. The video is fast-paced but holds a powerful message behind it. The video teaches the listener that you never know what may happen at any second. “Guilt Trip” is guaranteed to pull at your heart strings with the message behind this video.

Keep your eyes peeled for No Liars’ new album here.

Jai'Tyria Hatton