Night Shop is the latest project of former touring drummer-turned-songwriter Justin Sullivan, and he has released a new single from his upcoming debut album In the Break, which is set to be released on September 14. “The Ship Has Sailed” is a folksy ballad with a very contemplative nature. The pairing of dreamy vocals and the constant strumming of a gentle guitar reminds me of Paul Simon. The melody is slow and his voice is soothing, but his lyrics are heartbreakingly honest:

Two days, four months, three years and still no spring,
I’m just counting down until there is nothing.
Your heart breaks as well, oh well, tell the tale.

Despite the somber recount of a lost love, it isn’t an entirely sad song, and that is because of its emotional honesty. The song is parallel to the feeling of driving on an empty highway just before dawn – it’s dark and lonely, but it’s also hopeful, and you’ll eventually get to wherever you’re going.

Be sure to listen to Night Shop’s debut album due out next month (plus a nationwide tour), and keep up with him here.

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