Kicking off this season with a single that is bone chilling beautiful is multi-faceted young talent Nick Lopez and his latest release, “Carousel.” Not only is this incredibly mature piece a wonderful tribute to the intense emotional ride that many of us find ourselves on, but musically and vocally speaking, it is composed in an artistically complex manner that seems to inject the listener with the push and pull of Lopez’s emotional tide. With each passing beat, fans find themselves swaying with the beat that is so full of meaning that, like the song declares pulls them back in again and again. After making hundreds of sacrifices for the music career that he has been dreaming of since his teenage years, the rewards are finally starting to match the hard work of this young artist.

Ever since a young age, Nick Lopez has dreamed of a life on stage and decided at age 17 to move from the comfort of his childhood bay-area home to Los Angeles to pursue a goal that he has come to achieve over and over again. His alluring vocals and talented duet counter-pieces have added to his musical credibility and has raised the bar of expectation even higher. Coupled with his layered pop-sensibilities, Nick Lopez’s incredible thirst for success will continue to drive him to the top of the billboards and allow him to take his current streams from the current millions to billions.

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Madison Blom