Hailing from Trinidad and of South Asian descent, Ms. Mohammed is out to confront xenophobia and islamophobia head-on with spectacular songwriting and seamless vocals. Not only does her music have powerful beats, but they are also equipped with dynamite messages that are meant to speak out against hate and encourage understanding and compassion. In her most recent release, “Pandora,” this talented artist raises an “anthemic battle cry” which captures her fierce and inspiring conviction concerning feminism. The video which was releases recently for this track was also graced with gritty groundbreaking visuals and stunning displays of feminist pride.

While speaking of the context that supports the “Pandora” visual spectacle Ms. Mohammed states:

The video features women/femme identified non binary artist and activist friends of mine; all with personal experiences of femme phobia and were keen to appear, based on the themes addressed both in song and video. We danced like the patriarchy has ended.

As female empowerment dominates 2018’s headlines, Ms. Mohammed is embracing the worldwide message with her delicious indie-rock masterpiece.

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