Though Mr. Hudson’s “Coldplay” premiered back in December, he’s back again with the premiere of the video featuring Vic Mensa. “Coldplay” is a song about the moment you are going to give up on someone but you change your mind and you don’t.  The purpose of the song is to keep working with the person even though walking away is simple.

The video depicts Mr. Hudson at a bar serving up drinks to Vic Mensa who is drinking to numb the pain of whether he wants to walk away or not.  The video displays the emotions from the song perfectly. Based off of the way Mr. Hudson and Vic Mensa move, you can really capture what the song is suppose to be about.

The video is a true display of what “Coldplay” is really about. Mr. Hudson sets the bar with video for “Coldplay”, making the listener eager for what he has in store next.

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Jai'Tyria Hatton