Bringing funk and innovative songwriting to the forefront of the music scene is Mosie’s Tangerine, which is sure to reign in the weekend vibes like nothing we’ve seen in recent history. This Boston based dynamic due has brought funk back with new and innovative twists that gives the genre a much needed face lift. With the addition of light synth melodies that blossom and bloom throughout the track and the delicate vocals that match the tone of their music perfectly, this group is sure to go far as they continue to create and produce music. Throughout their newest album, this group keeps it light and relaxing with their various instruments and techniques that are rarely married together.

Taking inspiration from the best of 80’s funk and old time crooner’s music, Adrian Brody and Jesse Levines has turned a throwback melody into something totally their own. Their debut album Tangerine tells the story of new-age romance and heartache that is shines a light of Jesse’s dreamy and often comical nature. Although it took some time and difficulties to find each other, the result is something that is out of this world. Mosie’s fresh new look and vocal versatility will being this duo to new heights as they continue to expand their every growing musical repertoire.

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Madison Blom