Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Monogem (aka Jen Hirsch) has released a brand new single,“Get You High”, off her new EP, following the success of her self-titled 2015 EP. Hirsch’s stage name is modelled after a Monogem Ring, the leftover sparkling bits of an exploded star. If this gives you any idea of what her music is like, Monogem will not disappoint you. A slinky, moody track, “Get You High” might just be the musical drug you’ve been looking for. With smooth vocals, Monogem creates a groovy, sensual listening experience. With a hint of nostalgia while remaining modern and fresh, “Get You High” forms a unique and enjoyable soundscape.

Co-written with Sydney Wayser and Ryan Levine, “Get You High” is truly an auditory journey.

Says Monogem of the track: “‘Get You High’ is my outlet to see through the haze, it’s a vibe filled with analog dreams and organic performance. It’s amazing how a new song can breathe life into a new creative path.”

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Veronica DeFeo