Hip hop artist Mocha Bands is next on our list of incredible artists providing the world with a fun playlist. With this one, we get to peep into her list of influence and see what she enjoys in her free time. With this stunner playlist, it looks like we might have a pretty nostalgic – and super incredible – weekend. So turn it on, turn it up, and let loose!

Biggie Smalls                            Juicy
Jay Z                                         Izzo (H.O.V.A)
Busta Rhymes                          Respect my conglomerate
Biggie smalls                            Who shot ya
Tupac                                        Hit em up
Lauryn Hill                                 Lost ones
Miss Mary J Blige                      My life
Kendrick Lamar                         Alright
Jay Z                                         Big pimpin
Nas                                           One mic
Nas                                           The world is yours
Puff Daddy                                All about the Benjamins

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Meredith Schneider