Honest and down-to-earth, Mishka Shubaly is releasing “Death in Greenpoint”, which will appear on his upcoming record, When We Were Animals. Whether writing (he is a bestselling Kindle Singles author), singing, or anything in between, Shubaly is a storyteller in every aspect of the word. His upcoming album is the cumulation of a time of self-examination, movement, and changes of mindset for Shubaly. He says about his new music: “This record shows some personal shortcomings in high relief. That’s by design — it’s time for us to call ourselves out”. His album takes a look at his own mistakes in a world where most point out the mistakes of others. 

“Death in Greenpoint” is just a taste of the perfectly balanced self-deprecation that Shubaly presents in his new record. It brings aspects of Shubaly’s writing within his lyricism with hard-hitting vocal deliverance. The song takes the listener for a trip into the mind of Shubaly – a complex, driven place. What are you waiting for? Check out “Death in Greenpoint” today for a refreshingly counter-cultural tunes.

Watch for When We Were Animals, out May 2. Stay connected with Mishka Shubaly: Website  – FacebookBandcamp

Veronica DeFeo