Since his successful dynamic duo release, “Stay” with Rihanna,  Mikky Ekko has moved on to create new music that is all his own that showcases unique talent and proven skill. Not only has he released a new track this year, but it is only a precursor to a new album that has been in the works and is planned to drop mid 2018. “Moment,” is a powerful statement to the public that is laced with minimalistic beats that allow the poetic edge of Ekko’s words to really shine through. Throughout the song, creative lyricism is strung together with hazy piano chords that add a softer element to the melody which perfectly matches Ekko’s smooth hypnotizing vocal ability.

Throughout the track, Mikky speaks of forgetting the past, ignoring the pressure of the future and simply live in the moment. Not only do these words express issues that are experienced by the majority of those who listen, but it resonates deeply with the struggling souls that are weighed down my the strict demands of daily living. Because of the relatability and smooth nature of Ekko’s music, his music is rendered easy to listen to and relatable by a wide demographic of fans. All of these aspects add to the experience of listening to new releases from this promising artist. As people around the world enjoy “Moment,” the rest wait with baited breath to see what the future album release holds.

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Madison Blom