Punk-folk band Mike Llerena & The Nerve, just released their first single “Crossfire.”  The band is from Gainesville, FL plan to release their debut LP “Old Haunts & New Horizons” on June 15th.  “Crossfire” is an enthusiastic rock song and has a 90’s rock feel.  “All my force, all my metal, all my reason and you still won’t settle,” rhymes Mike on lead vocals.  The song has the perfect amount of “punk angst” to it.  “Caught in the corner of a crossfire,” the chorus reinstates the tracks frustration.  Aside from the lyrics,  Brian Jones on bass and Scott Marshall on drums, really bring the rock to “Crossfire” in a cohesive manner.  While their LP won’t be out until June, you can hear the new track below.

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Abby Trapp