Calagary-based rock-n-roll duo Miesha & the Spanks have just released a brand new record, Girls, Girls, Girls, produced by Paul Rawson and Danny Farrant. Miesha Louie’s guitar and vocals paired with Sean Hamilton’s drums make for a two-piece bursting with energy, volume, and authentic yet unique garage rock. Here’s the run-down of Girls, Girls, Girls:

First Blood – the record starts with a rollicking track, appropriately titled “First Blood”. Miesha & the Spanks waste no time getting the listener comfortable, and immediately introduce their nostalgic yet modern sound. 

Motorin’ – picking right up where “First Blood” left off, “Motorin” is one of the most rocking tracks on Girls, Girls, Girls.

“Come Undone” – an unapologetic track with a bit of a retro sound, “Come Undone” showcases Miesha’s vocals magnificently

“Lost Boy” – with a beat that will have you jumping up and down, bass that will take you to another time, and an angsty, lost sound, “Lost Boy” is the band’s garage rock at its best.

“Girls” – the title track of the record, this song is a combination of groovy nostalgia on a punk backdrop.

“Atmosphere” – this is a song for anyone who’s been told to keep it down. One listen and you’ll be hooked by beat, contagious chorus and lyrics. You can also check out the lyric video for Atmosphere that Miesha & the Spanks have already released.

“Be Alright” – an unapologetic, feel-good song, “Be Alright” shows a bit of the lighter side of the duo while maintaining their sound.

“Stranger” – with a bit of a girl-group sound to it, “Stranger” is reminiscent of the days when you looked for a love that no one else had.

“Witch Hunt” – the penultimate song on the record, “Witch Hunt”, is filled with devil-may-care attitude, rocking “yeah-yeah-yeah”s and individuality.

“Summer Love” – the final track on Girls, Girls, Girls, “Summer Love” closes out the album on a bittersweet, lighter note. Just like a summer love, you won’t want this record to end (that’s why you put it on repeat).

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Veronica DeFeo