With members from all over and all kinds of musical backgrounds, it’s no wonder that MIEN is a veritable treasure trove of sonic fanaticism. MIEN is made up of Alex Maas (vocals, samples, loops), Tom Furse (keyboards, programming), Rishi Dhir (bass, sitar, keyboards) and John-Mark Lapham (keyboards, samples, programming). The four-piece has just dropped the video for their new song “Odyssey”, off their recently released self-titled debut album. Virtually an outlandish collage of adult magazine cut-outs, the video for “Odyssey” takes the viewer on a psychedelic journey that perfectly matches the vocals and instrumentation of the track. 

John-Mark Lapham says of the song:

Odyssey started out as an instrumental by Tom. I had heard a song [“Tchi Tchi Vox”] by an 80s band called Vox Populi and I tried sampling the  chorus, which is in Dutch. It didn’t work, but Vox Populi ended up re-recording the vocals for us. The tchi-tchi boy can be whatever you wanted it to be, especially since it is in another language. It is like a musical Rorschach test. Could be she-she boy, chi-chi boy…

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