Bowie fans of the world, rejoice! Ziggy Stardust’s influences are evident on Micky James’ debut single, “Give It To Me Straight”, his first solo project after the dissolution of his previous touring band. NYC-bred Micky James pays homage to classic rock and rollers while creating his own sound suited for the 21st century, especially during the bridge. Micky offers a delightful throwback feel for those of us who are missing some good old rock and roll. With in-your-face vocals and percussion to match, Micky James provides a distinct sound with “Give It To Me Straight”. He’s got the sound down, and is always serving looks to match.

Alongside Dirty Canvas’s Shep Goodman and Aaron Accetta, Micky James lets the beat take him where it will on this single. We can’t help but think of the 70’s with lines like “I thought I had you when/We were wasted and wasting time.” Brash, unapologetic, and oozing with authenticity, we can’t wait to hear more vivaciosu songs like “Give It To Me Straight” from Micky James, carrying on the legacy of Major Tom. 

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Veronica DeFeo