Despite the fact that Mia LJ  is only 19 years old, her future in the music world is becoming more and more secure. With the release of not only her first collaborated track, but she has released several new singles and has announce that this summer she is planning to drop her very first full length album. “Human x Lovebomb” was a combined effort between Mia LJ and Archrfox and has really helped her rise to a new level in her music career. Even more impressive is the video that was created accompany this new release. No doubt Mia LJ has been hard at work in order to gain the experience that she so desperately desires.

Ever since her childhood, Mia LJ has been obsessed with music, and was inspired by music legends  Jimi Hendricks and Lenny Kravitz. She also found solace in plucking the six strings on her guitar as she grew up surrounded by a rich supply of soul. When asked in an interview where she finds inspiration for her music she responded, “When it comes to writing music, I am not as inspired by my past as I am by now or the future. Lyrically, words just spill out of me. Occasionally, I use memories of frustration and lust as inspiration when writing about my past experiences. From a more subconscious perspective, self-prophesying lyrics are my favorite. They come with much ease as watching dreams go from my head to reality is incredibly invigorating.” Now that she has built this solid foundation of talent and inspired works, surly there is nowhere to go but up.

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Madison Blom