New York City artist Megg Farrell bares her folksy soul with the help of some friends with her appropriately-titled album Megg Farrell & Friends. The music’s vibe is Stevie Nicks if she was a blues singer with an affinity for the banjo, and it is truly a piece of art to behold. Each song is clearly and artfully crafted in terms of music production, lyrics, and instruments.

“Feelin Single” is the perfect opening track for a bluesy folk album, with it’s a capella harmonies and references to a wild night out:

“I was feelin’ single, seeing double, wound up in a whole lot of trouble … but I really had     a ball last night.”

As the album goes on, two things becomes apparent: Farrell’s voice is beautifully nostalgic, and she creates a record that tells a seamless story. With song titles like “New Orleans Waltz,” “Tulsa Queen,” “New York Love Song,” and “Ooh Las Vegas,” Farrell showcases her ability to tell stories about all these different places and the influences they had on her.

Amongst the toe-tapping country vibes, there were a couple of stripped down tracks, and those were my favorite from the record. “If I Were a Woman” is a gentle and sad story of someone who wishes she could be the woman she always wanted to be. The lyrics are undeniably poetic, a punch to the gut:

If I were a woman, I’d teach you to be brave.
I’d fight for my sex and their race,
and I’d find me a new name.
If I could speak, I’d speak for something bold,
but my hearts grown weak or so I’ve been told.

Megg Farrell & Friends is a well-rounded album with the ability to make you dance, cry, sing along, and repeat. It perfectly encapsulates what the feeling of sitting in a jazz piano bar, sipping a beer and being completely captivated by a band’s ability to create something raw, honest, and real.   

Be sure to check out the album, and keep up with Megg Farrell here.

Karina Marquez

Karina Marquez

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