With the help of a beautiful piano intro, musical duo Mauwe releases their latest single “Strangers” today. We get a hit of realism with chilling vocals on a this bittersweet track like “After everything that you put me through, yeah that shit don’t matter now—-I really hope you’re happy now.” Mauwe opens up in the tug of war of what it’s like to still deeply care about an ex on the track. On one hand “Didn’t think this would happen to us, we’re strangers now,” remained unexpected, while on the other hand, the talk of “I really hope you’re happy,” is the realization that one party has moved on forward.

The track may be bittersweet but it is really good, from the lyrics to vocal execution. “Strangers” is sure to be a hit that you’ll sing-cry to in your car.

Tour Dates
April 12th – Moles Club Bath
April 13th – Purple Turtle, Reading
May 10th – Sixt Million Postcards, Bournemouth
May 11th – Also Known As, Banbury

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Abby Trapp