Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Matthew De Ver has dropped his debut single, “The Gift & the Wound”. It is evident that talent runs in his family; Matthew is the son of poet and author Shel Silverstein. As is shown through his music, Matthew utilizes song to express a variety of emotions through layered symbolism and mellow tunes. “The Gift & the Wound” will appear on Matthew’s upcoming album, Surface Tension (A Tincture for Integrating Shadow). If the title of his forthcoming record is any indication, Matthew puts meticulous detail into the creation of his music, especially this album, which encapsulates the years of his life surrounding the passing of his father, specifically, his teenage years. “The Gift & the Wound” is a culmination of the artistry that has resulted from this time. Anyone who has an appreciation for attention to detail will take a lot from this track.

Matthew has also released a slightly trippy and highly symbolic music video for “The Gift & the Wound”.

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