Borderline legendary duo Matt and Kim recently released their latest music video “Forever”, off of their new album Almost Everyday, earlier this year. Mark Hoppus (of Blink-182) joins Matt and Kim on vocals for “Forever.”  The video opens with the duo in a warehouse.  Set in black and white, you wonder where the video is going as the beat is poppy and energetic.  It breaks to Kim taking drums and the two going back and forth dancing with each other.

The video is carefree, simple, and sweet like the song reflecting lyrics “Together we’ll cause a stampede, running through streets- I can dance better in a seat, as you’re making fun of me.”  The song and upcoming album Almost Everyday heavily reflect Kim’s recovery after an onstage injury in 2017.  The duo seems to be back and it makes me super happy to see Kim dancing in “Forever.”

Tour dates for Matt and Kim can be found here.

Abby Trapp