Still rolling off  of the thunder coming from the reaction of their last single, Mating Ritual has just released the title track, “Light Myself on Fire” for their forthcoming full length album that will be released under the same name. Not only is this psychedelic single being adopted and adored by fans throughout the country, but it is a perfect complimentary follow-up to their last release in March, “U + Me Will Never Die.” Of course, along with all of the skills and aptitudes that they have showcased within all of their other tracks, this new release has a particular funk vibe that is sure to get listeners moving. While this song is exciting and has a killer beat, it also carries with is a story that is being told from the prospective of the performing dynamic duo. Within the lyrics, these two brothers tell the tale of working hard to ear a living, but at the same time produce their own out-of-the-box art.

Along with their new release, Mating Ritual will also be starting their spring tour on Thursday, which will also give them the opportunity to gather a larger fan following and explore even more opportunities for growth and expansion. With so much on the horizon, we are excited to see how this LA-based alt-rock outfit morphs and develops into their full capacity.

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