Mallrat’s new EP, In the Sky, is electrifying and emotional in every way. She seems to take a piece of you and a piece of herself, giving the songs a personal yet nostalgic tone with sweet pop melodies. She also incorporates the beauty of nature in many ways, whether it be in the cover art, the accompanying videos on Spotify, or in the album title itself. It’s clear that she is inspired by everything around her, which is clearly shown in each song.

The EP opens with the cool simplicity of “Groceries.” It has a steady, bouncing beat and acoustic guitar that gives it an upbeat vibe. But the lyrics are surprisingly deep: “I just want to get groceries” shows emotional depth about what you want in a relationship. “Texas” starts off as a ballad with pretty harmonies, but as the song goes on, it becomes a track that makes you want to dance around your room. “Better” is an upbeat song with painfully honest lyrics. Her voice croons about young optimism: “Everyone’s alive so everything’s alright.” At the same time, she reminds us of how fleeting everything is when you’re young and growing up: “Maybe when the summer ends / I’ll drift away from all my friends.” This song was a personal favorite, and it really shows how personal her lyrics can be. UFO sounds like a summer Top 40 hit with its electro-pop vibe and a rap verse from fellow Australian artist Allday. The EP ends with “Make Time,” which is more subdued than the rest. it allows you to daydream and think about someone you miss.

Mallrat’s cool, unique sound is taking over the world. Not only does she sing and write her own songs, but she co-produced every song on this EP. At only 19 years old, she is a powerhouse of talent and passion.

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