Soulful musician Majo has been hard at work crafting her vision for the world. Mere months after her glittery track “Won’t Wish You The Best” hit the internet, new single “Move On” was thrown into the atmosphere. A soft, poetic ballad, the lyrics detail a torturous thought pattern in the wake of parting with a significant other. If you let yourself feel the words, your heart breaks just slightly every time she sings a new line like “it gets harder to forget you” and “I’m still dreamin’ of you.” “Move On” is a a testament to the difficulty of doing just that, as it lies in the tranquil resplendence of not knowing what’s to come.

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If “Move On” track is any indication, Majo is about to make a splash, even amidst the chilly autumn weather.

“Move On” is out now. Keep up with Majo here.

Meredith Schneider