Emerging singer-songwriter Mae Muller releases her newest track “Therapist”. Muller says the song comes from her inner feelings of what is means to be a ‘good’ girlfriend. Specifically emphasizing the notion that “We are not here to teach men how to behave, we are not their mothers, or their therapists, and we shouldn’t have to take on that pressure! Especially when we receive nothing in return.”

She continues by talking about the song specifically saying, “In this particular song, it was about a situation where I really wanted to make it work but realized that this person did not need a relationship, and I couldn’t give him what he needed no matter how hard I tried.”

Muller’s sound is influenced by artists like H.E.R and Julia Michaels. She considers her songs are “emotion-based,” a concept she believes people have a hard time understanding. Muller’s music talks about what people are actually thinking or feeling, not metaphorically covering the topic. “Therapist” is no stranger to this style, pulling in listeners emotionally into a topic many can connect with.

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