Manchester native and former solo artist Johnny Lucas has just released “High Wire” and “Got It Together” with his new band, LUCAS, joined in Nashville by bandmates Seth Endleman, Dave Dombroski, and Chris Amond. Their EP, High Wire, dropping this summer, was produced and partially co-written by Cage the Elephant’s Lincoln Parrish. Known for stellar loop pedal skills that have even caught the attention of Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Johnny and the rest of LUCAS have their sights set high for this year.

“Got It Together” grabs your attention immediately, with a strong beat and passionate vocals paired with thunderous drums. A rock and roll anthem type of track allows you to feel deeply, “High Wire” cleverly crafts a song around the title that makes the listener feel a surge of adrenaline. Even though it is not quite the same genre, “High Wire” reminds us of Panic! At The Disco’s classic A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. With the release of “High Wire” and “Got It Together”, we absolutely cannot wait to hear the rest of High Wire and anything else LUCAS has up their sleeves in the future.

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Veronica DeFeo