NYC-based artist LP Giobbi has just dropped her debut song, “Amber Rose”. Featuring vocals from Hermixalot and co-produced with Computo and Tucker, LP Giobbi has crafted a well-rounded track on her new lablel, Animal Talk Records, which she formed with Sofi Tukker. Hermixalot wrote a poem about Amber Rose in  2008 that would later become the lyrics of “Amber Rose”. Creating a synthy wonderland, “Amber Rose” is an empowering track with a devil-may-care attitude, just like its namesake. Mixing both retro and modern vibes, “Amber Rose” is both poignant and fun. 

Vocalist and poet Hermixalot says of the track:

I wrote a poem about Amber Rose when she first came into the public consciousness as Kanye West’s girlfriend in 2008. It was just when blog culture was emerging, and I was struck by the media’s portrayal of her—she was alternately dehumanized and slut-shamed for her history as an exotic dancer and completely silenced and stripped of her agency as a famous man’s companion and nothing else. Ten years later, my best friend asked me to lay something down for a track, and I kept coming back to that poem. Amber had, in the last decade, completely reclaimed her narrative. She was a feminist icon because of her Slutwalk initiative, she was an outspoken critic of the lack of intersectionality in MSM feminism, and she was a thriving CEO and mother. So, the song for me is about reclaiming the world’s gaze, which is especially important in this moment in time when women of color, sex workers, queers refuse to be silent anymore in the face of oppression. “I Amber Rose on these hoes” is an encouragement to send a “f*** you” to anyone who doubts your agency, or tries to put you into a specific box that makes them comfortable, while ignoring your humanity and your power. I don’t think I would’ve laid down this track for a male producer, because the message would’ve been lost. The fact that I—a Black, queer, woman—was able to team up with LP—a white, cis-, straight woman—and make an anthem about empowering the “others” of society reiterates the importance of representation, which brings the message of the song full circle.

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Veronica DeFeo