From across the ocean in Melbourne Australia, dream pop band Lowtide is planning on releasing a fantastic new album that will both electrify and mystify their fans and followers from across the globe. This new album, Southern Mind, is scheduled to be released on February 16th, but was officially premiered in its entirety live by Henry Rollins on his KCRW radio show on Sunday, February 11. Not only has their music received overall positive reviews, but the relaxed vibes and memorizing rhythms have a high potential of being their most successful album to date. Southern Mind embodies a lot of similar sounds that fans have always related to Lowtide, however, they have added even more upbeat pop beats and undertones that add new layer and depth to their music.

New releases from Lowtide, however, do not stop with Southern Mind. On the same day that the new album was streamed, they also released a new single Elizabeth Tower as well as a new clip. Also, it is important to note that they also announced their headline tour! Obviously this Melbourne based dream pop band has been busy at work over the past year to set them up for what looks to be like pure success in the new year.

Southern Mind is out February 16th. Keep up with Lowtide here.

Madison Blom