Ushering in their next release is the synth-pop quintet that has been coined as New Jersey’s “hardest working and most loyal outfits.” Since their debut, Lowlight has been working hard to create fresh, new music that will keep fans moving. Now, they are coming forward with another track from their forthcoming EP Born to Run entitled, “Nights and Weekends,” which, like the name implies, is an anthemic, emotive single that is sure to catch the attention of synth-pop fans throughout the world.  Scheduled to drop on March, 30, fans and band members alike are waiting with baited breath in anticipation of the new release. Despite all of this new material that they have been releasing, band members of Lowlight have also found the time to tour with The Pretenders throughout eastern states.

Within their new release, “Nights and Weekends,” this band takes the listener on a journey laced with killer beats and guitar solos that have a specific and unique sound that captures the attention of the listener. Lyrically, the lead vocalist encourages fans to live up the nights and weekends and live while the night is still young. It is an empowering, exciting track that is both lighthearted and inspirational. Radically different from the feel of their last release “Nights and Weekends” is upbeat and perfect for those seeking to get out and experience what the night life has to offer.

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